#DesignerTipFriday: Style

Hi design lovers! Welcome back to the blog for another #DesignerTipFriday post! We are finally getting back into the swing of things after the Design Appétit event and our other ongoing projects! This week we are talking about something that can be hard for people to decide what they truly like: style. Our lead interior designer at Lillian Bea, Susan Bolner-Hamilton, shares this week about how to incorporate what you love with style. "Many people struggle with style. They see

#DesignerTipFriday: Color, Color, Color

Hi Design Lovers! Happy #DesignerTipFriday to you all! This week we are talking about how vital color is. We have found that sometimes with our clients, we will help them pick out a color palette that they say they LOVE... but sometimes they will see the colors on the walls and decide they want to start all over. And it's okay to do that! If you are not happy with something, it's okay to change your mind. Here at Lillian Bea we want you to be happy with the outcome. Here is w

#DesignerTipFriday Let's Talk About Texture

Hi Design Lovers! Welcome back to our blog for another #DesignerTipFriday post! This week is all about texture. Our lead interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton has a little lesson and assignment for you: "Texture is a design element used to stimulate the senses. There are many ways texture is used in an interior environment. Texture is on the floor, walls and ceiling. We are naturally drawn to it and we use it without much thought. I propose you make a conscious effort to t

#DesignerTipFriday: How to Style Meaningful Trinkets

Hi design lovers! We are back with another post for #DesignerTipFriday! This week we are talking about meaningful trinkets that you may purchase. As most of us know, styling trinkets without getting "clutter" filled can be quite a challenge. What you should do is think about the objects in your home and identify their meanings to you. Or as LB's lead interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton puts it: "I've read we unconsciously put meaningful objects at eye level in our livin

#DesignerTipFriday: PILLOWS

Hi design lovers! Happy Friday to you all! We are so excited for this post because it involves PILLOWS! We don't know about you, but here at Lillian Bea, pillows are one of our quintessential items. This week for #DesignerTipFriday, we asked LB's lead interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton, to tell us how she picks out and styles pillows. "If you want to refresh a room but are low on funds, one easy way to do it is invest in some new pillows. New pillows can revive a room,

Designer Tip Friday

Hello design lovers! It is #DesignerTipFriday which is when we ask our top interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton, to share some tips for anyone looking to restyle their space. This week we asked her how to make collectables from vacations look more styled and eye-catching. This is what she had to say: "Your home should be a reflection of you and your family. Surround your home with meaningful objects such as family photos, items collected from vacations and other meaningfu