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Design Appétit Recap

Hi Design Lovers!

Welcome back to Lillian Bea. We are so excited to show you some of our photos from the Focus On Home's Design Appétit 2018 event at The Criterion in Oklahoma City a couple weeks ago. We are just now getting back into the swing of things at the office after all that hard work!

We were so happy to partner with JC Penney, Vast, GfellerStudio, and Milliken to create our design called "Street Collective."

Our design concept was inspired by the street food menu our dining guests got to enjoy but also wanted to pay tribute to the decorated store fronts you see in big cities like New York City and Chicago.

We wanted to pay an acknowledgment to what everyday people who pass each other on the street share in life. Here is our design concept wordage:


Collective: (n.) the people of a district or country considered collectively in the context of social values and responsibilities, society.

"Take a look around you. Do you see anything familiar, anything you didn't notice before? What about who surrounds you? You're together, individuals, but also part of a collective. In the grand scheme all of us share love, sorrow, life, humanity... but tonight we share a table, community, conversation, laughter, kindness. Let us end the night saying: "It was good to be with you."


Please look below to see some more photos ours and other tables from Design Appétit!

We also want to thank this video shot by the Focus on Home team, Nicole.OKC that showed all the hard work in our set up!

You can find and follow us and our design adventures on Facebook and Instagram at @lillianbeapllc


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