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#DesignerTipFriday: Color, Color, Color

Hi Design Lovers!

Happy #DesignerTipFriday to you all! This week we are talking about how vital color is.

We have found that sometimes with our clients, we will help them pick out a color palette that they say they LOVE... but sometimes they will see the colors on the walls and decide they want to start all over.

And it's okay to do that!

If you are not happy with something, it's okay to change your mind. Here at Lillian Bea we want you to be happy with the outcome.

Here is what advice our lead interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton, had for you all today:

"Color is very powerful. It causes emotion and gives direction to so many choices.... I find most of my clients are overwhelmed by the color choice. Sometimes I help select a color palette and when the client sees a larger sample, they don't like it, so we keep looking. I find it is best to look around you... what colors are you drawn to? Does it still fit your emotion? Do you want to experience the same, or do you want to experience something different? There is no wrong answers. You are the creator, you choose. If you want change you can draw inspiration from magazines, the internet, objects, pictures, bedding and pillows.... It should be fun! Remember if you don't like it, pick something else."

Happy Friday!


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