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#DesignerTipFriday Let's Talk About Texture

Hi Design Lovers!

Welcome back to our blog for another #DesignerTipFriday post! This week is all about texture.

Our lead interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton has a little lesson and assignment for you:

"Texture is a design element used to stimulate the senses. There are many ways texture is used in an interior environment. Texture is on the floor, walls and ceiling. We are naturally drawn to it and we use it without much thought. I propose you make a conscious effort to think about texture. Go outside.... look at the grass, leaves, water and trees... Also look at your living space. How are you using texture? How does it make you feel? What does it convey to you and others? Interior design isn't just about making a room pretty, it's about invoking a response. What response are you looking to convey?" -SBBH

In our projects we use all types of texture for balance. We have wood, smooth surfaces, textured walls, sandstone, brick, stainless steel, concrete counters... It's a balance of natural and man-made surfaces that ultimately creates interest and comfort.


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