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#DesignerTipFriday: PILLOWS

Hi design lovers!

Happy Friday to you all! We are so excited for this post because it involves PILLOWS! We don't know about you, but here at Lillian Bea, pillows are one of our quintessential items.

This week for #DesignerTipFriday, we asked LB's lead interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton, to tell us how she picks out and styles pillows.

"If you want to refresh a room but are low on funds, one easy way to do it is invest in some new pillows. New pillows can revive a room, giving it a huge splash of color, texture and shape. Pillows don't have to match, but I tend to stay within the same color family while also playing around with different patterns and textures." -SBBH

If you are looking for any help with styling your home, give us a call! We have helped clients before who have picked out items but just don't know how they can work together.

Until next week! Have a great weekend!


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