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#DesignerTipFriday: Style

Hi design lovers!

Welcome back to the blog for another #DesignerTipFriday post! We are finally getting back into the swing of things after the Design Appétit event and our other ongoing projects!

This week we are talking about something that can be hard for people to decide what they truly like: style.

Our lead interior designer at Lillian Bea, Susan Bolner-Hamilton, shares this week about how to incorporate what you love with style.

"Many people struggle with style. They see images in magazines and cannot see how to incorporate items they love within that style. It is also important to remember that style is trendy. In interiors it can be quite costly. Also public and residential styles are not the same. Public style is more trendy and cohesive, which is understandable considering every detail is planned for that particular function. When a family has a home they acquire photos, art their children might've made and family heirlooms... So style has to be more flexible. Don't be afraid to mix the things you love with a style you love." -SBBH

We hope everyone has a great Friday and a happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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