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Hi design lovers!

Welcome back to the Lillian Bea blog.

We are excited to share that our Facebook page is officially up and ready to go! So if you wouldn't mind hopping over there and giving us a thumbs up we would really appreciate it! We also have an Instagram account if you're more into that!

As for some news, some of you may know our lead interior designer, Susan Bolner-Hamilton, has worked in the Oklahoma architectural and interior design communities for more than 30 years. She has plenty of work to prove it, but unfortunately some of the drawings are protected by copyright. So we have been digging through some of her renderings from years ago to show you!

If you click on our 'Portfolio' tab you can look at black and white, and colored renderings of some of her designs. As we find some drawings, we will add to these albums so make sure to check them out for the latest in your free time!

In our last bit of news, we are currently working on a design concept statement for our 2018 Design Appétit showcase at The Criterion next month! We have already told you that our design is inspired by community, but what are we trying to make people experience?

We should be working out some more fine details this week so stay tuned to the blog for more updates.

Best wishes,


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