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Welcome to Lillian Bea

Welcome to Lillian Bea (PLLC) Designs! We are excited to introduce you to our website and to the possibilities of enhancing your space.

Named after a family ancestor, Lillian Bea was co-founded by the mother-daughter duo, Susan Bolner-Hamilton and Kateleigh Mills. They wanted to create a design company that combined both of their skills - interior design and communication - as well as have the added touch of family.

The love of design has always been a big influence in their family. Susan Bolner-Hamilton is a licensed interior designer in the state of Oklahoma who has worked for the architectural and interior design communities for over 30 years. She has designed a multitude of projects that fall into the residential, commercial, municipal and retail spheres. On the side of her design work, she likes to experiment in other art forms, such as sculpting and painting, making her an artist through and through. Susan has the ability to dream up spaces that the client would love and will use her skills to create the space of her client's dreams.

Kateleigh Mills is also a lover of all things design. Growing up she saw her mother and father create the home of their dreams, while also learning how maximizing a space and picking the right details could turn a house into a home. Because of her love of travel she has seen the different design aesthetics and is using her skills in communication to spread the Lillian Bea brand. However, she also wants to help the Lillian Bea clients have the space of their dreams by making sure whatever it is they communicate will be understood and executed.

Welcome again to Lillian Bea, let us turn your design hopes into design reality.


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